10 Apr Interior Design Trends in Public Spaces

What do you think of when you hear “public space”? The concept is extensive, encompassing a variety of spaces and places, all of which cater to different groups of people and needs. Although there is a wide range of public spaces, Architecture Daily notes that “public spaces, whether indoors or outdoors, public or private, are […]


14 Mar Four Phases of an Interior Design Project

Last year, I spoke at several printing shows, such as the Printing United Expo and the Wide-format Summit. Each time, printers are energized to start selling directly to the interior design market, but many don’t know where to begin. I often recommend they start by familiarizing themselves with the industry. Attending industry trade shows such […]


28 Nov Trends in Interiors: Fall 2023

Back in September, Kristin Crane highlighted the design and color trends that made an appearance in Fall 2023. Some key trends she noticed included cozy colors, lush textures, and the return of “art prints” on the runways. These trends have influenced interiors over the past few months – with a few additional trends also popping […]


30 Aug 3 Design Trends for Workplace Wellness

In a world transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic, employee health and workplace wellness are getting more attention than ever. According to a 2021 study by McKinsey & Company, one in three workers said returning to in-office work negatively impacted their mental health. With such a high number of employees preferring to work from home, companies […]


23 Aug Trends in Educational Spaces

Well-designed spaces in healthcare environments have been known to have a positive impact on patient outcomes. Similarly, educational spaces with well-designed spaces promote positive outcomes for students. At this particular moment in time, many educational spaces are rethinking their environments.   As we’ve seen in most public spaces such as hotels and restaurants, COVID forced […]


27 Jul Biophilic Design and Nature’s Health Benefits

At NeoCon 2023 we continued to see biophilic design becoming more and more important in commercial interior design. That is because experiencing nature is good for our physical and mental health. Over the past century, humans have moved from areas surrounded by nature to more urban environments with less access to green spaces. However, studies […]

Abstract image that gives the impression of sound waves with text that reads Sound in Healthcare.

22 Mar Sound and Noise in Healthcare Facilities

Researchers, architects, and interior designers consider a wide range of design challenges when designing healthcare facilities. They also need to adapt quickly to changing situations. Today’s most significant challenges are an aging population and the strain on the industry from the lingering COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, healthcare facilities continue to advance in many ways with the […]

Living room scene with couch and pillows. All props are printed with Design Pool patterns and available through Domanda Design.

23 Aug What is Japandi?

When discussing the hottest trends in outdoor living, Japandi kept popping up. Japandi isn’t brand new. It’s a trend that has been gaining popularity inside for the last couple of years. Recently, it’s starting to migrate outside into our outdoor spaces. So, what exactly is it?   Japandi is a cross between Scandinavian and Japanese […]

Three photos of rooms in Badger State Lofts and text below reads Project Spotlight Featuring Aga Artka|Badger State Lofts outdoors at dusk|Lounge in Badger State Lofts|Corridor in Badger State Lofts|Lounge in Badger State Lofts

5 Apr Aga Artka on Designing a Historical Space

Aga Artka is an interior designer who believes every business has a story to tell. Her passion for branding mixes with her work as an interior designer in her projects. The result is interiors that fully tell her client’s story. Recently, she completed a large-scale project designing Badger State Lofts in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Their goal […]


10 May The Rabbit Hole Where Interior & Textile Designers Intersect

Designers Today is a digital and print magazine that promotes itself as the link between interior designers and the home furnishings industry. As part of their goal in pushing the envelope to make the interior design profession stronger and more transparent, they are hosting a yearlong webinar series that interviews experts on their business practices. […]

||Concept Sketch by Denyne Sanville

9 Nov Denyne Designs Opens Up About Process

Denyne Sanville is the founder and luxury design specialist at Denyne Designs, a full-service, residential, interior architectural design firm. Founded in 2003, Denyne Designs is located in Dunstable, Massachusetts. An award-winning design firm, they specialize in kitchen and bath design and remodeling. Yet their service offerings don’t stop there. With over 40 years of combined […]

|Texture Plaid Pattern P1332 on Flooring|Floor_Kids_P532a4 Diggers and Trucks Pattern

23 Jul Decorative Vinyl Flooring, Endless Possibilities

Decorative vinyl flooring continues to grow in popularity for use in both commercial and residential interiors. As print-on-demand manufacturing capabilities have grown, so have the possibilities for more interesting designs on vinyl flooring. Previously, design options were limited to those meant to mimic traditional flooring, such as hardwood or tile. Today, customization makes the design […]

Effectively using color in healthcare environments||Color_KwickScreen-P1143b|Color_KwickScreen-P1143b

14 May Using Color in Healthcare Environments

As we move through different spaces and environments throughout the day, our experiences are impacted by color choices made by the designers and architects who created that space. How we experience and perceive color can impact everything from our moods to our buying habits and even our healthcare outcomes. As healthcare facilities rethink the way […]


11 May New Trends in Work from Home Decor

Team Design Pool was already working remotely from our homes in East Hampstead, New Hampshire, and Providence, Rhode Island when stay-at-home directives were issued. BUT….our husbands hadn’t been. It was fun to watch them create workable spots in our homes. And then, over the weeks, to see how they’ve adapted to remote working. How did […]


27 Apr Honeycomb Design + Build • Resa Gray

“I always like to start with the story,” said Resa Gray, partner at Honeycomb Design + Build, a collaborative group of design and construction professionals operating out of Winchester, Massachusetts. And Resa was handed one of her favorite stories to date in 2012 when hired to design Cakeology, a brick and mortar shop for Cupcake […]


23 Mar Being Productive Working from Home

As we all adjust to the new reality of social distancing, a lot of people are suddenly working from home. We feel for you, it is a challenging transition. The Design Pool team all work remotely and know it takes a while to feel productive working from home. Not to mention, also keep your sanity […]

DesignPool_Wallpaper_Hexagon Lattice Pattern P533

6 Mar Design Tip: Refresh on a Budget

One of my favorite ways to freshen up a room while trying to stick to a budget is with a statement-making accent wall. You get so much bang for your buck! With a little creativity, you can create an accent wall that you can refresh seasonally or whenever you need to breathe a breath of […]

||Ogee Plant Pattern P1403

2 Mar Good Design in Healthcare Enviornments

There is no doubt that good design makes for a positive aesthetic experience, but does it make for a healthier one? As hospitals and healthcare facilities look to build new spaces and upgrade existing ones, they are more often requesting that these spaces be more humanized. Good design in healthcare environments can have a positive […]