View of table with woman making punch needle art.|Kristen Dettoni sitting on step outside fibers building at Snow Farm Craft.|Kristen Dettoni working on punch needle art piece with natural dyed yarn.|Punch Needle art piece made by Kristen Dettoni at Snow Farm Craft.

2 May My Snow Farm Art Residency

This spring, I had the opportunity to participate as an artist in residence at Snow Farm, The New England Craft Program in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, for two weeks. It was the first time since graduate school that I had an extended period devoted solely to being creative. There were no limitations or requirements. I spent two […]


22 Feb How To Plan an Inspiration Day

Vacation days, sick days, mental health days. There are lots of reasons people take breaks from work. At Design Pool, we’ve added inspiration days to that list. I think any creative entrepreneur will agree that running a creative business is both rewarding and challenging. On the rewarding side, the creative pursuits that inspired you to […]

|Watercolor color wheel featuring 12 colors||

20 Jan Learn About Color with 5 Fun Exercises

Color surrounds us, inspires us, and influences us. You can read about color science and color theory all day long, but the best way to work better with color is to play with it. The more you learn about color through experiencing it, the more you’ll train your eyes and use it better in your […]


12 Jan Naming Colors of Your Products Just Got Easier

White. Bone. Snow. Ecru, Linen, Cream. If you’ve ever shopped for new paint or fabric, you’ve seen a lot of different names for colors. Is there really a difference between these colors? Maybe, maybe not so much. Sometimes, there is a definite difference. Most people would pick which color is white and which is cream […]


25 Aug Natural Dyeing with Avocado and Yarrow

Our latest trend letter is all about natural materials. Wicker, rattan and cane are catching our eye on modern pieces, geometric lighting and even with loud pops of color. Natural materials are inspiring products even in the automotive industry. But, natural materials are also extending into textiles and not just in fiber form. Natural dyes […]


2 Jul Giving Yourself Time for Creativity

If you’re not careful, work-from-home life can easily turn into work-all-the-time life. Spending more time at home, have you found yourself working more? At Design Pool, we’re definitely guilty of it. That’s why we’ve been so inspired lately by friends giving themselves the time for creativity. We’re particularly loving those with a daily creative practice. […]


27 Dec The Women of the Bauhaus

2019 has been an exciting year for anyone who appreciates the women of the Bauhaus. Around the world, museums have been installing exhibits that celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany in 1919. From a vast retrospective of Anni Albers at the Tate Modern in London to The Bauhaus and Harvard, a […]