10 Fun Facts About Color

Color can be both amazing and complicated. At its most simple, different wavelengths are reflecting off an object and back to our eyes, where they hit the eye’s retina. This simple reflection of wavelengths has an effect on people that is far from simple. Color can change a mood, set a scene, or attract you to a person (or not!). We use color to create a home we feel safe and comfortable in. We dress ourselves in colors before we [...]


Interview with Paul Lewin – Custom Restaurant Interior

Paul Lewin was a designer at Tivi in Chicago when he and his partner Ryan Wither got the project of their dreams, by sheer luck. In 2013, their friend and restaurateur Peter Verrill asked them to design his new restaurant Outliers Eatery, in foodie heaven Portland, Maine. What happens when a designer is given complete and total freedom to design a restaurant for someone obsessed with Hunter S. Thompson? For designer Paul Lewin, you get “The unicorn of my career.” Verrill [...]


InPrint Show and Print on Demand Opportunities

If you are interested in getting involved in the print on demand business and are in need of printing equipment and inks, InPrint is the place to go! This unique show is highly focused and very well organized. Admission includes access to all the presentations and the chance to network with a wide range of people from different industries. I attended InPrint for the first time as a keynote speaker, presenting on “print on demand” capabilities and customization for commercial [...]

VividBoard and Customized White Boards for Healthcare and Education

Custom Designs on White Boards from VividBoard

Every day, in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country, healthcare providers are using whiteboards to communicate with patients, their families and each other. Keeping track of medication schedules, shift changes and notes from visitors, whiteboards in rooms have become a necessity. Now, institutions are looking to customize those boards to stay on brand and perfectly suit their particular needs. VividBoard, a GMI company, has been creating custom whiteboards since 2002, when they sought to change how traditional whiteboards are [...]

Earth Day Design and Color Inspiration
Earth Day Design and Color Inspiration Floral Squares
Earth Day Design and Color Inspiration Cotton Print
Earth Day Design and Color Inspiration Wheat Print
Earth Day Design and Color Inspiration Stylized Daisies
Earth Day Design and Color Inspiration Zen Garden

Sustainability with Print on Demand

During her 27-year career working in the textile industry, Design Pool founder Kristen Dettoni watched as the industry she worked in produced yards and yards of textile waste while creating large collections twice a year. The standard model was for a traditional mill to create hundreds of designs, each available in multiple color ways, to present to clients. Those clients only had availability to place 3% of those designs, leaving 97% of the designs shelved, never to be shown [...]

Paul Lewandowski -St Mary's Regional Hospital - Facade
Paul Lewandowski -St Mary's Regional Hospital - Waiting Room
Paul Lewandowski -St Mary's Regional Hospital - Entry

Interview with Paul Lewandowski

Paul Lewandowski, architect at Paul Designs Project, was design principal at SMRT Architects and Engineers when he got the opportunity to redesign the St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, a building with a personal connection to him. In order to bring this project to life and be meaningful in the community, Paul utilized custom printing to create two unique pieces. What was it about the St. Mary’s Project that got Paul excited to get to work? He was born there! Paul [...]

Color Theory Warm and Cool Colors
Color Wheel Analogous Colors Pattern P214 Hawaiian Quilt
Color Wheel Complimentary Colors Pattern P1388 Tile
Color Wheel Analogous Colors Pattern P1146 Knit Stitch Pattern
Color Wheel Complimentary Colors Pattern P1453 Deco Stripe

Understanding Color Theory

Whether or not we realize it as we move through our day, color is affecting our mood, our decisions and maybe even our hunger level. People are drawn to that sweater on the rack, the couch on the showroom floor because of its color. It is what catches the eye first and either draws people in or not. If that color is pleasing and harmonious, it can have a big impact on an impression of a product, and ultimately [...]

Geometric Pattern P943 on Bedding
Watercolor Pears Pattern P952 on Kitchen Shades
Plaid Houndstooth Pattern P456 in Hotel Lobby
Blue Tribal Diamond Pattern P685 in Hotel Hallway
Gray Textured Plaid Pattern P3 on Sofa

Vector Patterns for Commercial Use

Over the past few years, we've become an on demand society with much of what we need at our fingertips. We can order a car to our door, food from our favorite restaurant and have any product we want delivered right to our door. In the world of commercial and residential interiors, that is no different. Print on Demand is becoming more and more popular with a wide range of companies. Designers no longer need to pour over books [...]

Landscape Pattern P1140 on Hospital Glass
Landscape Pattern P1142 on Hospital Glass
Landscape Pattern P1143 on Hospital Glass
Landscape Pattern P1113 on Hospital Glass
Landscape Pattern P1145 on Hospital Glass

Digital Printing on Glass by Vistamatic

Design Pool is excited to share that we will be working with Vistamatic to expand their graphic portfolio and allow them to offer a wide range of unique pattern designs in their revolutionary glass panels. Vistamatic's patented product, the Vistamatic Vision Panel is simple, durable and visually pleasing. Used primarily in healthcare facilities, these panels are designed to offer privacy to a patient while still letting light into a room and allowing for observation when required. Designed with easy installation [...]