|A KwickScreen portable privacy screen in a healthcare facility room.|Pattern with circles with a stethocope on the tabl.|

13 Sep Healthcare Design Trends

One of the challenges, and opportunities, in healthcare design, is that more and more people are using healthcare facilities. The population is aging, people’s health is improving and they are living longer, and our healthcare system has become more accessible to traditionally underserved populations. More people put more demands on our healthcare workers and facilities. […]


14 Jan Designing a Connection to Italy

I think lots of creative people will probably agree about how fun the journey is from inspiration to finished product. I love running my own business because inspiration from my personal life often finds its way into new patterns in the Design Pool library. For example, a book I read about codebreaking turned into The […]


20 Oct R&R, A Collection for Healthcare Interiors

This month we are excited to introduce R&R, a collection of health and wellness-inspired patterns for healthcare interiors. This is the latest group of patterns in the award-winning Cryptology Collections. Using our innovative technique of designing with coded messages, we created beautiful designs with hidden messages about health and wellness. When we created The Cryptology Collections, […]


29 Oct Customize Whiteboards for Healthcare & Offices

VividBoard is committed to improving a patient’s experience in hospitals and outpatient facilities through clear communication. Their whiteboards make it easy to effectively communicate with patients and their caregivers. Whiteboards may not seem exciting on the face of it. Yet, VividBoard’s products stand out because they are well designed and unique to a particular environment. […]

Effectively using color in healthcare environments||Color_KwickScreen-P1143b|Color_KwickScreen-P1143b

14 May Using Color in Healthcare Environments

As we move through different spaces and environments throughout the day, our experiences are impacted by color choices made by the designers and architects who created that space. How we experience and perceive color can impact everything from our moods to our buying habits and even our healthcare outcomes. As healthcare facilities rethink the way […]

||Ogee Plant Pattern P1403

2 Mar Good Design in Healthcare Enviornments

There is no doubt that good design makes for a positive aesthetic experience, but does it make for a healthier one? As hospitals and healthcare facilities look to build new spaces and upgrade existing ones, they are more often requesting that these spaces be more humanized. Good design in healthcare environments can have a positive […]


29 Apr VividBoard Offers Custom Whiteboards

Every day, in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country, healthcare providers are using whiteboards to communicate with patients, their families, and each other. Keeping track of medication schedules, shift changes, and notes from visitors, whiteboards are an important necessity. Now, institutions are looking to companies such as VividBoard to customize those boards. As a […]


31 Jan Vistamatic and Digital Printing on Glass

Design Pool is excited to share that we have partnered with Vistamatic to expand their graphic portfolio. This partnership allows them to offer a wide range of unique pattern designs on their revolutionary glass panels. Vistamatic’s patented product, the Vistamatic Vision Panel is simple, durable, and visually pleasing. Used primarily in healthcare facilities, these panels […]