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Design Pool opens a new door to creative freedom.

Our digital library of high quality designs paired with exclusive relationships to the leading print-on-demand companies offers you a world of possibilities. Design Pool’s seamless, vector format patterns can be printed on a variety of materials for an astounding range of needs.

From hospitals to hotels, residences and offices, Design Pool helps you delight your customers with unheard of speed, flexibility, and creativity.

our customers

You love a great design that thrills your client. You are innovative. You appreciate technology and history. You have a passion for what you do and want to share that through your products and service.

You turn to Design Pool because you want to work with experienced designers that understand your market and product needs. With Design Pool, you will never lose a client because you don’t have the exact design or perfect color.


5 Stars

“Kristen has amazing creative ability and is very aware of our market. She is timely with everything she does for us. We are completely satisfied and look forward to a continuing relationship. She keeps amazing us with her knowledge and thoughts of how to present our products.”


-Mike Norman
Parker Brothers Textile Mills
Sales Manager


Kristen has designed three different pattern collections for us. She has also worked on a lot of colorway and pattern projects for large opportunities with clients for us.

Kristen is amazing! She is able to take the information you give her and create exactly what you are looking for. We get compliments from clients all the time on how beautiful the patterns are that she has created for us. Her ability to produce designs and present them to us in a timely manner is absolutely outstanding. She is one of the easiest, most efficient pattern designers that we have worked with.

We would absolutely work with Kristen again. She is our go to for pattern designs. Her work is beautiful and she is so pleasant to work with. She makes the process quick, easy, and we are always satisfied.


-Jordan Blackman
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
LDI Corporation


I have worked with Kristen for general life advice, putting patterns into repeat, finding ways to get patterns onto a multitude of things.

Kristen’s creativity is amazing. Her ability to directly apply her creativity to whatever she does is impressive. I’ve found her timeliness to be spot on and she’s a pleasure to work with.

Yes, I would 100% work with Kristen again. She’s a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her.

-Paul Lewandowski

our founder's story

Patterns and design are Kristen Dettoni’s passion. An experienced designer and textile industry veteran, she’s reinventing how beautiful patterns find their way to interiors.

In her 27-year career, Kristen has watched the textile industry change dramatically. Her knowledge and love of manufacturing grew as she worked and lived in small mill towns along the East Coast and into Canada. She witnessed a once thriving industry struggle to survive, wiping out local economies as mills closed or consolidated. Couldn’t technology, which was reshaping other areas of the economy, build a sustainable future for textile designers too?

As an avid “DIYer,” Kristen stumbled across companies like Zazzle and Spoonflower. It was an eye-opening experience to be able to custom design and print “one off” creations. In traditional textile mills, her design team would create hundreds of designs each year to present to clients. Those clients only had availability to place 3% of those designs, leaving 97% of the designs shelved, never to be shown again.

Taking a nod from an amazing conversation with Ray Anderson, who shared his reasoning for starting Interface Inc., Kristen took control of her destiny.

Design Pool is that destiny. Kristen saw that manufacturing technology would lower the barriers to custom projects, opening access to more markets. She saw the huge potential for a digital design resource of seamless patterns available to print on demand companies and interior designers. Thanks to her partnerships with several innovative print on demand companies, no pattern design ever needs to be shelved again. Instead, boundless, beautiful possibilities exist for commercial and residential interior products.

Always the creative, Kristen continues to design patterns for Design Pool. When she’s not designing, you can find her in her studio exploring materials, handweaving, sewing her own garments, or block printing.


Kristen Dettoni


our team

Kristin Crane
Director of Marketing and Communications

Kristin Crane is a resident of Providence, Rhode Island, and a graduate of Jefferson University, previously Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Design, as well as a Certificate of Achievement in Graphic Design from Bristol Community College. Kristin has experience as a designer of woven fabrics for the home furnishings market, and has also worked in marketing and communications for small businesses and start ups. Kristin is passionate about color, design and seeing beautiful patterns out in the world. When she is not working, she is often found creating her own handmade textiles by weaving on her Macomber Loom, knitting and dyeing.

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