Design Pool’s 5 Trends Ready for Interiors

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5 Trends Ready for Interiors
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Design Pool’s 5 Trends Ready for Interiors

If you are a subscriber to our monthly trend letter, you have already seen our round-up of the biggest trends from the Fall 2020 Ready-to-Wear runways. (Not a subscriber? Subscribe today and you’ll receive our most recent trend letter.) After poring through photos of fashion, it got us wondering which trends seem ready to start showing up in interiors.

Here are our picks for 5 trends ready for interiors:

As consumers become more and more aware of the toll fast fashion has on the health of the planet, designers are starting to respond. Designers are considering where they are sourcing their materials, who are making their garments, and how transparent their production chain is? Fast fashion is not the only culprit. Home furnishings have seen a similar trend. People are buying more and more stuff for their home spaces and redecorating more often as prices have become so low. As a result, consumers will want transparency in their home items, as well as their fashion.

A lot of collections were adding a bit of glitz through the use of lamé fabrics, beading, and sequins. A little goes a long way to add a bit of glamour. It doesn’t take a lot to add a bit of sparkle to an outfit, or a room.

While we love to see different colors working together in a room, we’re feeling inspired by the tonal looks on the runway. The right color can set a tone and make for a perfectly Instagrammable shot. A neutral piece such as black, gray, or white, can make the tones pop.

Quilted Solids
While we saw a lot of solids and tonal looks on the runways, they weren’t all boring. Lots of the solid color looks had an interesting texture, tailoring, or embellishments. Fringe, leather and lots of pleats abounded, as well as quilted fabrics. Solid or patterned fabrics with quilting could easily translate to chairs, pillows, or tabletop fabrics.

Pattern P456

Tweeds and Plaids
Runways were full of plaids and tweed patterns in all colors and sizes. Traditional plaids, checks, and houndstooth patterns were seen alongside oversized versions of the same classics. We were love both the classic black and white houndstooth as much as the large scale black and hot pink one. These patterns are timeless and work look great working with solids or patterns in interiors.

What trends have you feeling inspired lately?


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