Customize Whiteboards for Healthcare & Offices

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Customize Whiteboards for Healthcare & Offices

VividBoard is committed to improving a patient’s experience in hospitals and outpatient facilities through clear communication. Their whiteboards make it easy to effectively communicate with patients and their caregivers. Whiteboards may not seem exciting on the face of it. Yet, VividBoard’s products stand out because they are well designed and unique to a particular environment. Using print-on-demand technology, they are able to customize whiteboards to a healthcare facility’s branding, language, and aesthetic.

Senior Marketing Manager at VividBoard, Susan Claus, also sees a role in customized whiteboards in offices. She sees great potential to use them in open office layouts to visually communicate between team members. Likewise, they are useful in a home office to keep home and work organized. Whether it’s in a hospital or an office, the goal is the same: to communicate clearly.

Our favorite part? As a Design Pool partner, any of the designs in our pattern library can be printed on VividBoard.

Check out different ways you can customize whiteboards.

What comes next?

Ready to order a sample of a VividBoard whiteboard with a pattern you love? It’s easy!

  1. Find a pattern you like in our online library of over 500 patterns.
  2. Click on the icon that says: White Board
  3. Fill out the pop-up message box with your name and info.
  4. Hit send!

It’s that easy! Your sample will arrive in the mail to see, touch, and decide if it’s right for your project. And don’t forget, if the color isn’t quite perfect, you can always work with us to make it the absolute perfect pattern, color, and scale. That’s the fun of customizing. You never have to settle for close enough when you can have perfect.

Did we answer all your questions? If not, leave them in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer them. Excited about customizing? See more examples of customizing on glass, faux leather, privacy screens or flooring.


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