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Window Film and Its Many Uses

What is Window Film?

Window film is a thin, multi-layered polyester material often treated with reflective coatings. It is usually applied to the interior of pre-existing windows. Manufacturers produce window films in a variety of different ways to suit different needs for home, commercial, and even vehicle use.

Pattern Hydrangea (P1633)

A Variety of Uses

Interior designers use window films in residential and commercial interiors for a variety of reasons. Some popular reasons to use window films include: 

  • Privacy: Tinted or mirrored layers add privacy advantages to window films. This prevents the outside world from being able to see the interior space. This can be a nice alternative to drapes or shades in some spaces. 
  • Energy Efficient: Window films are often designed with energy flow and efficiency in mind. These films help prevent hot spots and control temperature. This can help reduce the need for excess heating and cooling in your space. This has the dual benefit of reducing energy costs while helping the environment. Plus, tinted window films help reduce glare. By keeping some of the sun’s rays out, they prevent your furniture from fading too quickly. 
  • Help Prevent Bird Strikes: Did you know that certain types of window film are specially designed to prevent birds from flying into them? According to Scientific American, to help the birds most effectively, place these films on the outdoor side of the glass.
  • Element of Design: Window films are a great way to add a touch of design to your space in a unique way! From outdoor-facing windows to interior glass surfaces, adding a window film with color, pattern, and design can be a great way to enhance your space. 

In addition to the traditional uses on windows, designers use window film on other glass surfaces. For example, some designers use it on shower doors, kitchen cabinets, interior doors, and vehicles.

Pattern Illustrate (P1557)

Window Film and Design Pool 

At Design Pool, you can print any of the patterns in our library onto window film through our printing partners NuVision and Graphix Unlimited. Through Graphix Unlimited’s Inspire 360º, their new veilish product has a woven texture to it, giving the film an interesting texture and an additional level of interest. You can find details the specs on all the materials available through our partners on the material specs page of our website.

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