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Rendering of a room with a desk

Introducing the Design Pool Mapping Library

You’re invited to check out the newest feature of the Design Pool website, our new mapping library for interior designers to use in 3D modeling. The inspiration for this feature came from talking to designers at NeoCon and BDNY. Through those conversations, we learned it is difficult to find patterns in seamless repeat to use in their renderings. As a result, they show clients a rendering and verbally explain what patterns they plan to use on floors, walls, or furniture instead of showing them visually.

This got us thinking. Why not show clients the exact patterns you envision right from the start? With our new mapping library, you can do just that. Download patterns to use in programs such as SketchUp, Revit, and Chief Architect. Then once you get client approval, order the product with that exact pattern from one of our vetted printing partners. Our printing partners offer a wide range of products and substrates. So, use these patterns on any material in your room, including flooring, walls, upholstery, and more!

Screenshot of our mapping library webpage. Text reads map your next 3d model and then a description on how to subscribe.

The mapping library is available through a subscription.

We have two subscription levels:


Our basic option is $49.99 a year. This plan allows you to download 8 patterns a week for as long as your subscription is active.

We see the basic option as perfect for students, independent designers, or anyone who wants to test out the service with minimal commitment.


Our professional option is $99.99 a year. This plan allows you to download 20 patterns a week.

We see the professional option as perfect for a smaller design studio, large firm, or any designer who wants a lot of options to work with.

This feature gives interior designers flexibility with scale and color.

Pattern Scale

Rather than picking a design with the ideal scale, pick the design you love and scale it to the perfect size for your project. Once your client approves your plan, our vetted printing partners will print your product at the scale you expressed in your 3D-modeled room because printers download our files in vector format.

Pattern Color

We create colorways based on our research of color trends, as well as years of experience coloring patterns that sell. We load each of our patterns with five color options. Contact us if you don’t see the color you need or need to match a specific color palette. We are happy to work with you on a custom color so that it fits your needs exactly. (Please note: a design fee may apply for custom color work.)

No more trying to picture something.

These patterns help your clients see exactly what you suggest in your rendering. Clients don’t need to try to visualize what a room will look like. You will be showing them exactly what you’re planning. This specificity eliminates any surprises down the road that inevitably cause frustration and cost money.  

You can find the mapping library under “Our Designs” in the navigation bar. Have questions? Leave them in the comments below.

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Kristin Crane

Kristin Crane has designed jacquard designs for the home furnishing and residential jobber market for many years, with mills in the US and in China. Today, she writes about pattern and design trends for Design Pool from her home in Providence, Rhode Island. When not writing about fabric, she can be found weaving in her home studio or hiking along the Rhode Island coast.


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