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How Customization is Changing How We Shop 

In recent years we’ve seen a huge shift in the way we shop. More and more, much of it is being done. From large corporations to small businesses, almost every store has an online shopping component. It’s never been easier to find exactly what you are looking for and get it when you want it. This transition paved the way for customization.

This business model gives the customer a voice in creating their dream product rather than settling for what is available in bulk from the store. Design Pool is one of many companies using on demand customization as a business model, but what makes it so effective?

What is Customization?

There are three main types of customization: product bundling, personalization, and made-to-order. All of these models allow the customer to have a voice in creating the product they want, making the company and customers co-creators in the design process. In the case of Design Pool, we offer interior designers access to a comprehensive library of patterns and connect them with printers with on demand manufacturing capability. This allows designers the ability to select the perfect pattern and color to suit their client’s specific needs.  

The Benefits of Customization

There are many benefits to customization for the interior designer, their client, and the printer. For the designer, the process of customization allows them to have a direct say in the product they specify rather than using something that approximately meets their needs. Customization also provides the designer with ease of sourcing. They don’t have to spend time hunting for the right product, they can create it to be exactly what they want. 

These benefits are felt by the printer as well. With the made-to-order customization model, printers create products on demand rather than sitting on a large inventory. They also develop a better understanding of what designers are looking for in the products they purchase. Plus, by holding less inventory, companies only manufacture what they sell. They produce less waste, which means the planet is benefiting too. 

At Design Pool, our comprehensive library makes it easier than ever to find a design in the pattern and color you need. Pick your pattern, pick your color, pick your product, get your sample, and place your order. It’s that easy. Have questions? Let us know in the comments, or DM us through Instagram.

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Emma Becker

Emma Becker is a teaching artist and arts administrator working in the state of Rhode Island. She believes art, creativity, and self-expression are essential parts of education. The daughter of a weaver, she grew up surrounded by textiles and developed a deep respect for textiles and their makers.


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