Full Product Specifications

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Message Pattern P1916


Message is a landscape pattern of grasses and Queen Anne’s Lace. But it’s more than just another floral. Look closely at the grass and you’ll see it’s actually Morse code. The code spells Elizebeth Smith Friedman, the inspiration behind The Cryptology Collection. Use in any residential or commercial interior where a landscape pattern is needed, such as acoustic panels, privacy screens, or drapes.


Available Colors: Gold, Orange, Purple, Gray, Green, Aqua, Blue
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Download Includes: Five colorways in easily resizable vector files and 300 dpi JPEG files.




  • Round up the nearest inch
  • Do measure the entirety of the wall including windows and colors.
  • Measure the tallest wall for your height

Add your total width and height to determine your square footage

Wall Square Footer

We think you will need the follwing:

25.5in x 198in

We recommend ordering an extra roll to accommodate pattern matching and printing variation.