How To Order a Sample Through Our Website

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How To Order a Sample Through Our Website

So . . . you’ve searched through our licensable library and found the perfect pattern for your project, now what? Now it’s time to order a sample. It’s easy to work with our partners to get a sample before you place an order. Keep in mind that Design Pool and our printers print on-demand and operate a non-inventory system. This means, that they aren’t going to a sample room and cutting a sample off a roll for you. They’re printing it for you when you request the sample.

Order a Sample in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Each pattern comes in five different colorways. You can see each color clearly labeled with the color name. Make a note of which color you’d like to see in a sample.

Step 2:

Decide which product you’re interested in. We have seven different product types to choose from and each product is printed by a different one of our partners. Click on the icon of the product you want and a pop-up form will open.

Step 3:

Fill out the pop-up form completely and click the Send Message button. The form already has the pattern name and number at the top. If you know the color you want to see printed, include that in the brief description box, along with any other information about your project that may be helpful. Giving as much detail as you can helps our printers get your sample printed quickly and accurately.

That’s it! It’s that easy! Once your request is submitted, you’ll get an email confirmation to let you know your request was received. A representative from the printer will contact you with any questions. You will receive your sample directly from our printer. Once you’re ready to place an order for your project, you do that with the printer.

You may be wondering, how do you pay us for using our design? Unless we work with you on a custom design or special project, you don’t. We have licensing agreements in place with all of our printers. They pay us a royalty any time they print something with one of our designs. All purchasing will happen between you and the printer.

Still have questions? Leave a comment or DM us through Instagram and we’ll answer them for you.


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