Paula Becker and Her Cut Paper Collection

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Design Pool Collection of Proprietary Designs
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Paula Becker and Her Cut Paper Collection

At Design Pool we offer a range of solutions for your design needs, including an exciting collection of proprietary designs. The “Paint Paper Scissors” collection is perfect for those in need of an exclusive license or purchase of the copyrights. Rhode Island designer, Paula Becker, designed the first collection in our proprietary design library.

Paula has a love for beautiful materials and rich textures. Though her designs eventually become digital files, she always begins her design process with a more analog and tactile approach. For the collection she recently designed for Design Pool, she began by getting outside and returning to a place she often finds inspiration, her garden.

From a series of sketches done in nature, Paula returned to her studio to work on a modern, floral collection. But before turning to the computer, she opened her sketchbook, picked up her scissors, and started cutting paper. “I always think of Matisse when I’m cutting paper,” Paula chuckled.

Just as Matisse used paper he had colored himself, Paula also adds color and texture to her paper using a variety of techniques. On one design she used oil pastels and on another opted for watercolors. Also like Matisse, she doesn’t draw the shapes onto her paper first, but rather looks at her sketches from her many garden walks and just cuts. Using these shapes, she then collages them into a pattern before eventually scanning the design into her computer where she can adjust the repeat or make any modifications needed.

When looking for more depth of color, Paula often chooses to paint a motif using watercolor. With these motif elements created by hand, she can scan them individually into her computer to arrange into a pattern.

Paula approaches her design work with the spirit of an artist. She hopes that her designs can bring an element of the outdoors indoors. Contact with nature helps relieve stress, promotes faster healing, and has a positive impact on our mental health. Paula feels that her designs, inspired by the natural world, can help bring some of those qualities into a home, an office, a hotel – or any space that needs it.

Paula brings a unique aesthetic to Design Pool with designs suitable for residential and hospitality settings. Her versatile collection works well on bedding, shower curtains, mats, tabletops, and pillows. The colorways created are saturated, sophisticated, and always on-trend.

Paula Becker is a talented textile designer, weaver, and artist who has designed for the residential furniture and decorative jobber trades for over thirty years. Her expertise includes dobby and jacquard designs, as well as developing her own artwork for use in a jacquard or print designs. She has also worked with embroidery, velvets, and prints and we are thrilled she is a contributing designer to Design Pool.

Browse our full collection of proprietary designs by registering today and find the pattern that’s right for your project. Each design is in an easily scalable vector format, in seamless repeat, and includes 5 color ways. Not quite ready to register just yet? Browse our licensable designs today.

If you are in need of design services contact us at [email protected]


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