Color, Trends, and Textile Design Round-Up

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Color, Trends, and Textile Design Round-Up

Looking at the analytics for this blog, it’s easy to see that you all love color, trends, and textile design as much as we do. All our most-read posts fall into one of these categories. As we plan out our editorial calendar for next year, we will definitely be devoting a lot of space to these topics you find most valuable. And we want you to make sure you didn’t miss out on any this year.

Here is a quick round-up of color, trends, and textile design posts from 2022.


Learn About Color with 5 Fun Exercises

The more you learn about color through experiencing it, the more you’ll train your eyes and use it better in your work. Try these exercises to think about color in new ways.

Spot Color or Process Color

Printers apply ink to a surface using either spot color or process color. To know which is suitable for a project, it’s important to know the difference.

Basic Color Terms Defined

Speaking the language of color will help you work better with it and communicate clearly to other artists, designers, or printers.

Design Pool’s Pick for Color of the Year 2023

Each year we pick a color we think reflects the mood of the upcoming year. This year’s pick was Olive Tree Brown.

2023 Colors of the Year

We’re not the only ones picking a color of the year! See what Pantone and top paint companies choose for their pick.

Screenshot of Pinterest showing boards with trends from 2022.


Hospitality Trends from BDNY

We saw five main hospitality trends walking the floor at BDNY: nature, experiential design, wellness and comfort, local flavor, and technology.

Hotel Design Top 5 Trends

Hotels were devastated by the pandemic, but they’re bouncing back as people get back to travel. We see five significant hotel design trends: bleisure, hometels, eco-friendly rooms, multi-use hotel lobbies, and local flavor.

5 Emerging Trends in Restaurant Design

Restaurants were also hit hard by the pandemic and have become stronger than ever. As they adapt to new expectations, five trends are happening: safety and comfort a priority, cleanable materials, expanded take-out options, engaging all the senses, and inspiring community.

Healthcare Design Trends

Healthcare facilities are being built and modernized in record numbers as healthcare access has improved for the population. With that, we see trends emerging, such as: designing for calm, designing spaces for caregivers, areas that are adaptable and flexible, waiting rooms that reflect new habits, and wayfinding as integral to the design.

The Life Cycle of a Trend

How does something become a trend, and when does it fade away or get absorbed into the culture? The typical life cycle is introduction, increase, peak, decline, and obsolescence.

Textile Design Terms

In our textile design category, we define basic terms used in textile design and go into detail on what is involved in textile design.

Textile Designers & What They Know

What is an Argyle?

What are Plain Fabrics?

What is a Harlequin Pattern?

What is a Stripe?

I love that nearly all of our textile design terms posts do well. Over the past four years, we have covered a lot of terms. But there are always more! Is there something, in particular, you’d like explained? DM us through Instagram to let us know!

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