Inspiration from Spain

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Inspiration from Spain

If you’re a pattern and design lover like we are at Design Pool, Spain needs to be on your bucket list. Narrow that down even further to southern Spain, where the decorative tiles used in the architecture will blow you away. On a recent trip to Seville, it was inspiration overload walking through the impressive Real Alcazar, the winding streets of the Jewish quarter, and (seemingly) all the public spaces. When you’re in Andalucia, you can see and feel the different cultures and religions that lived here together during the city’s rich past.

In case you’re feeling a creative block, here are 10 shots of Seville that will be sure to give you a dose of color and pattern inspiration:

First up, these gorgeous tiles! It was fascinating to see the tiles having one pattern up close, and then often another that only comes into focus when you step back.

And now, for some beautiful color combinations. There was something extra special about the light in Seville, at certain times of day the whole city seemed to be glowing.

Are you constantly gathering inspiration when you travel? What was a favorite destination for color or pattern inspiration?

Photo credit: David Hansen

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